Founded in 1956 in Japan, Nihon Almit is one of the pioneers in the development and manufacturing of solder wires. The basis for the company’s rapid and constant growth were several excellent inventions such as soldering agents for aluminium or a solder to join nickel-chromium wires with bi-metals.

The company’s international breakthrough came in 1982 with the approval of KR-19RMA for NASA’s Space-Shuttle project. In 1984, an additional development centre was set up in the city of Akiruno, enabling the company to manufacture outstanding special purpose solders during a period of rapid growth of the electronics industry. During the nineties, further manufacturing sites and offices were opened in Japan as well as internationally.

Today, Almit is one of the leading providers of solder wires and solder pastes, which are also successfully applied in the aerospace industry, in the automotive field but also in consumer electronics.

At the end of 2000, the Almit GmbH was founded and 2005, the company headquarters relocated to Michelstadt near Frankfurt/Main, which is since then also home to the warehouse for Central Europe. This ensures that customers are supplied in a timely manner. The technical support is provided through. experienced and practice-oriented staff.


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